Kline Beer Hall


A local cooking magazine sends their editor tasting at a craft beer hall

When Amanda Adams came to work for her first cooking magazine, she never realized that part of her job would entail drinking beer on a Wednesday afternoon. A couple months ago, we started to get a lot of letters from our readers asking us when we were going to review craft beer halls. These are eateries that revolve around craft beer, and they are gaining momentum quickly as a type of business and restaurant. Essentially, these places feature up to 100 or more types of small batch craft beers or artisan beers. These beers are usually purchased from local small brewery operations. The beer hall then pairs then with items on their menu so that the establishment is not just a bar but also a high quality restaurant that is prepared to guide their guests through a well rounded culinary experience.

After receiving multiple letters from our readers either asking for our opinion on beer halls or sharing their experience with us, we decided it was time to send our newest writer out to venture into the world of beer halls. The entire project was her's from start to finish, and her guidelines were simple. It was up to her to find a local establishment that she could visit. Whatever place that she chose to write her piece on needed to serve a full menu of food, and have beer tasting services available to their guests. Amanda came upon multiple reviews that stated the best place she could go to test the beer hall waters is Kline's Beer Hall. Based on the rave reviews that Amanda found, this beer hall has been around for generations, and it is one of the most highly acclaimed beer halls in the area. And so, it was off to Kline's for Amanda!

On a lovely Wednesday afternoon, while the rest of the office was busy at work, Amanda was off to a craft beer hall to gain some first hand experience in this new culinary craze. "The minute I walked in the door, I had a great feeling about this place," she shares."The menu was pretty awesome in and of itself. Their specialty at Kline's is their homemade sausage. Each one of the items on the menu can be paired with multiple beers available at the bar. Ordering from the bar can happen one of two ways. First of all, this place is geared to be treated like a restaurant, so there are tables available where you will be taken care of by a server, and you drinks will be brought over to your table from the bar. The other option is to sit at the bar itself. I would definitely recommend sitting at the bar if you are interested in doing a beer tasting. Its just more convenient that way. I would also recommend that you get some suggestions from the staff. I was on the fence about what I wanted to order off the dinning menu, so I asked one of the bartenders what he would suggest I should order if I was planning on tasting. I could not have been happier with his suggestion."

What should you look for in a craft beer & eatery location?

For those craft beer aficionados out there, finding the perfect craft beer is only part of the story. The rest of the picture includes the perfect place to enjoy said craft beer, along with a host of other craft brews. Indeed, craft beer isn't just about the taste or the style of brew. It's also about the story, the message behind the beer. It's about taking the time to learn more about what make a beer special and joining with friends and others who enjoy the same beer. The world of craft beer is not just about drinking a beer in solitude, though that can certainly be nice. It's about the community and the culture around the brew, which makes the place you enjoy said beers even more important.

So, if this is the case, what should you be looking for in order to get this high quality experience? There are a few key qualities that make a brewery particularly special, and even more specific characteristics to look for in your beer hall & eatery Arvada. When you consider these qualities, there are a few beer halls that stand out as particularly good examples of the kind of high quality food and atmosphere that you're looking for. Kline's Beer Hall in Arvada, Colorado is one of those special places that has the look, feel, and taste of a craft beer hall and eatery down pat. Here are some of the things that they do well, and some things that you should consider as you are looking into a craft beer hall to make your regular spot!

  • Atmosphere: As with most things, the atmosphere really can change the experience of the food and the brew. After all, if you are only getting the food and beer without the right atmosphere, it can change the experience of being in the space and sometimes the way you experience the beer. At Kline's the simple industrial look and feel of the space lets you know that you have found the right spot. With rustic long tables where one can imagine generations enjoying beer and sausage, as they are today, you are sure to feel right at home.
  • Number of options: When you enjoy craft beer, you want to find a craft beer hall that not only gives you your tried and true favorites, but also introduces you to new brews! After all, craft beer is more of a hobby than a simple drinking activity. Learning more about the beer is part of the excitement of the experience!
  • Knowledgeable staff: When you're getting a beer from a craft beer hall, you want to be able to ask your bar tended or server about the brew and for them to have a back story to share about it. Without this knowledge, the beer becomes less interesting, and a great craft beer hall can provide not only the beer but the story and tale behind the taste.

Make sure that the beer hall you frequent is one that can give you all these things. It's sure to make for a better experience!